Why Push Water?

Everyone is always trying to push water intake on us, telling us it is an essential part of health and wellness.
But what does water actually do for you?

Even though I've studied this information over and over throughout my education, I thought I'd ask Google that exact question so we can take a deeper look together. 

So, what did Google say?

Essentially, that your body doesn't function without it! Every cell and organ, skin included, in our body NEEDS water to function at it's best. 

There are many great lists and articles out there, but this one was my favorite read.
I recommend you read it for yourself, as I'm just putting a few highlights below.

Medical News Today says:

A few fun facts:

 - Our bodies are about 60% Water
 - Our blood is 90% Water
 - There is NOT a universally agreed upon quantity we need to         consume daily
 - Dehydration can lead to skin disorders and wrinkles
 - Water instead of Soda can help with weight loss

But in order to function properly,
all the cells and organs of the body need water and here is why:

1.    It Lubricates the Joints
2.    It Forms Saliva & Mucus
3.    It Delivers Oxygen Throughout the Body
4.    It Boosts Skin Health & Beauty
5.    It Cushions the Brain, Spinal cord, and Other Sensitive Tissues
6.    It Regulates Body Temperature
7.    The Digestive System Depends on It
8.    It Flushes Body Waste
9.    It Helps Maintain Blood Pressure
10.  The Airways Need It
11.   It makes Minerals and Nutrients Accessible
12.   It Prevents Kidney Damage
13.   It Boosts Performance During Exercise
14.   Weight Loss
15.   It Reduces the Chance of a Hangover

All of the scientific reasons to drink your water are wonderful, and you should definitely drink your water for all of these reasons, but here are a few things I've noticed about myself when I'm dehydrated:

1. I get impatient
2. My attention span is low
3. My anxiety soars
4. My fuse is short
5. My motivation is low

Do you see a theme here? My hydration status absolutely effects my mental status! I've suffered from anxiety since my son was born in 2013. I have two older girls, so I'm not sure how that event was what triggered me, but I've narrowed it down to then. I've found that if I find myself in a stressful situation or feel an anxiety attack coming on, that I can stop or at least lessen the blow by taking a moment to drink 8-10oz of water. Do I do it every time? No. But seeing as how anxiety is a lot of irrational thoughts, being ration in the moment isn't always going to happen. 

The next question is, "How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day?"

Short answer: 1/2 to 2/3 of your body weight in pounds, as ounces of water.
Example: You weight 150lbs, so you need to drink 75 to 112.5oz of water.

We'll dive more into this on a future post!


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