Why I Added Collagen to My Supplement Routine

I get asked all the time, "Erica, why do you take collagen? You don't look a day over 20!" And guys, I know! But I don't take collagen for vanity reason!

OK. I'm absolutely kidding. No one has ever even asked me why, nor do I look anywhere close to 20 years old. That was 4 kids and almost 20 years ago. I look my age. But I do not FEEL my age! Mentally, I haven't come to grips with being 40. But as someone who has been overweight for the last 10+ years and has been running a lot of miles for the past few years, my knees and my joints should be reminding me I'm almost 40 years old every single day! 

I started using Plexus products for mood. Also to try and get back in control of my mind and body back. And whoa! Best decision ever. What I didn't expect was the benefits my joints would be enjoying. I started with Ease, which took away the pain in my knees and lower back. But as I'm furthering my personal training studies and expanding independent research, I've been looking into the benefits of collagen for runners.

What have I learned? Well, collagen is a protein found in our skin, blood, bones, muscles, cartilage and ligaments. Around the age of 25, our body starts to decrease production by about 1% per year. 40-25 = 15% less collagen production going on in my body! Eating a healthy diet with proteins will get you the amino acids you need that allows for production of collagen, but a supplement is proving to beneficial for more than just aesthetics!

What am I going to do? Let's be clear, I'm not a fan of wrinkles or sagginess and I have zero desire to get older. But as a runner and someone who finds her mental health NEEDS physical fitness, I'm more concerned about the relaxing of ligaments and break down of cartilage. So I'll be taking advantage of my wholesale pricing on this top of the line Collagen Complex from Joyome, sister company of Plexus! 

But why, exactly? Studies around collagen supplements are new and long-lasting results aren't available yet. But, we are finding that when combined with strength and resistance training, which I already do, muscle mass is increasing at a higher rate than training alone. Additionally, in animal studies, BONE MASS has been found to increase. Ladies, I am assuming you've heard of osteoporosis and that calcium loss also kicks in around 30, but if this will help me from joining my mother and grandmother in the osteoporosis department, I'M IN! Research is also suggesting less pain and faster recovery for us "older runners" because collagen supports our joints by keeping our cartilage and ligaments healthy. 

In short: I am choosing to supplement my nutrition with Collagen Complex in order to build lean muscle mass, slow bone mass loss, support my joints and aid in post-run recovery!

What's YOUR Why?


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