Aug. 1, 2020, Let's Start Something New

Good Morning August!

It's hard to believe we have now survived 7 full months of 2020. I mean, consider that an accomplishment in and of itself! But, what have you truly accomplished this year? What were your goals? What was that New Year Resolution that you set quietly before COVID19 took over your life?

Me? I set out to make this the best year I could (we all do, right?) by making a point to spend more time with my kids. This is not at all how I thought that resolution would play out! I also wanted to finish my goal of reaching 160#. I'm closer every day, but man, getting out and about has been super hard while my gym was closed. Plus, I was locked in a house with kids who apparently eat 16x as much on a non-school day, for all those day, and a pantry full of enough snacks to accommodate.

When July started, I decided that it was going to be a 2020 Re-Do, and I'd pretend it was January again. But guys, I'm still in a dang rut! Are you, too? You are not alone. There are so many of us. Especially the working mamas that are trying so very hard. The gym re-opened, but the child watch is closed. I don't have to physically be anywhere, but it's so hot out. I could go run super early, but we have a new puppy and I don't want to bother others with his care.

I've had a job where I've been allowed to work from home for over 12 years. I'm not new to this game. But what IS new is that I normally have about 2.5 months of summer break. I work odd hours, we do fun things, we go places, I take my laptop and work on vacation, and all that fun stuff. But 2020.... I've had kids at home since March 13th. They return to school August 13th. That's a full 5 months. I'm tapped out. 

I could go on and on with the excuses and I know you could, too. 

But it's time to STOP!!!

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